Why is Family Law Important? 

The importance of family law cannot be stressed enough. There are several reasons to rely on the courts to resolve your family problems. Abuse victims are protected, children are kept safe, and extended family members are protected, too. The following article looks at some of these reasons, and how family law can help you. To learn more, read on. We hope you’ll agree! And don’t forget to share this article with others who need legal advice. 


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Protects victims of abuse 

While the new family law is a huge improvement, it doesn’t change the fundamental problem with the family court system: a presiding judge with the heavy boot of state cannot openly attack anyone. Instead, the abuser will come to court prepared with their own, unrestricted accusations. The abuser will pile on, blaming the victim for all the problems and escalating their attacks. 

The family court system isn’t designed for criminal behavior. Because it does not address the same type of dynamics, the victim can easily be turned into a target by their abuser. This leaves the victim even more vulnerable to counterattacks from their abuser. Unfortunately, the court system was never designed to deal with criminal behavior, and an abuse victim who is unprepared to fight back can be just as vulnerable to attacks as they would be in the home. 

Protects parents 

Parents are entitled to a legal framework that protects their interests as well as those of their children. For example, the Constitution protects the rights of parents and their children. However, when parents have interests that conflict with those of the child, the law protects the interests of the child first. That’s why the rights of parents and children can be protected in various ways. These ways of protecting the interests of the child include adopting, divorce, and paternity tests. 

Protects children 

In New York, the State Legislature has passed laws that increase the protection of children. Physician assistants are required to report suspected child abuse. A child protection fund is established to fund programs that combat family violence, child abuse, and elder abuse. Physicians must report suspected child abuse to the Children and Family Trust Fund. Physicians are also required to report suspected child abuse to their supervisors. While there are some limits to how the system protects children, these laws are vital to the protection of children. 

Under family law, there are certain circumstances where the state can intervene. The child is at risk of harm in the future if the parents do not protect them. This can include situations where the parents do not have adequate means to support the child. In other cases, children can be subjected to verbal terror and humiliation. In such cases, a judge may award damages. Fortunately, in many cases, co-parents can work together to set guidelines to protect their children. 

Protects extended family 

Extended family members may have rights to visitation and custody in the case of child abuse. This includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. The court may grant these people more rights to visit and custody, depending on the circumstances. Parents who suspect that a child is being abused may be required to file a petition with the court to get this status. In some cases, grandparents may even be granted visitation and custody rights before the parents. 

The case of Moore v. East Cleveland, in 1977, determined that extended family members had the right to live with their grandchildren. It rejected a claim that such arrangements were not protected by the law because they were outside the family context. Other cases, such as Yoder v. Wisconsin, established that a state’s compulsory education law protected Amish children. But there is no universal family definition. The Supreme Court’s decision on the subject is still controversial.