Why is My Attorney Trying to Get Me to Settle My Divorce? 

Wait too long before settling a divorce 

It’s important to get the divorce process started as quickly as possible. It takes at least 60 days for a divorce to be final, and six months if you have children. The process is filled with discovery, valuations of property, and evaluations of the children. If the process drags on too long, you may be stuck with the spouse you married for a longer time. 

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The more time you wait to settle your divorce, the more likely you’ll have to fight in court. Your spouse may be angry or feel the situation has gotten out of control, and they’ll likely fight tooth and nail to avoid reaching a fair settlement. 

Don’t sign a divorce proposal 

Even though you may want to settle your divorce, you should not sign divorce papers just because your attorney wants you to. Refusing to sign can help your spouse use the divorce as leverage to get assets or custody of your children. You may want to talk to your attorney if you believe that your spouse is manipulating you. 

If you’re not ready to sign the divorce agreement, you may want to try a mediation process. Mediation is a great alternative to a courtroom trial, and you can choose a neutral third party to mediate your dispute. 

Avoid going to trial 

In rare cases, it may be a good idea to settle a divorce before it goes to trial. This is because settlement negotiations are more likely to end in a fair result. In addition, attorneys spend many billable hours preparing for a trial. In addition, a trial can be time-consuming, and the attorney may not have much trial experience. 

A long, drawn-out divorce process can be emotionally taxing. It can spill over into work and home life. It can also cause stress for everyone involved, as lawyers often need information immediately. The constant “on call” status can get old quickly. 

Be rational about the situation after a divorce 

The situation after a divorce is a challenging time for everyone involved. While your emotions are high, you need to remain rational about the situation. Try to think about what would be the best thing for your children. This way, you will avoid making decisions based on emotion. It will also help you to understand the other person better. 

Remember that people register intense pain differently and in some cases, they do it unconsciously. That is why many people try to defend themselves by repressing their pain and not allowing themselves to show it on the surface. It is important not to try to manipulate the divorce process, but to be honest about your needs and express them in a non-aggressive way.