Why Was Family Law Cancelled? 

If you’ve been wondering why was ‘Family Law’ cancelled, you’re not alone. Julie Warner and Cristian de la Fuente have both left the show. SBS also cancelled the show after only one season. So what caused it to end? The answer will surprise you. This article looks at the reasons behind this reversal of fortune. Read on to learn more. ‘Family Law’ isn’t the only show to end.

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Julie Warner and Cristian de la Fuente leave ‘Family Law’ 

Julie Warner and Cristian de la Fuente, who plays lawyers Andres Diaz and Danni Lipton, will not return to “Family Law” next fall. However, Warner will still make an appearance in the first few episodes of Season 3, when the show returns. The legal drama follows the lives of a group of lawyers who help underdog clients and fight for their rights. Warner is also a licensed pilot, and once ranked among People magazine’s 50 most beautiful people. 

Julie Warner leaves ‘Departure’ 

It’s unclear if the hour-long drama “Family Law” will be renewed for a third season. Warner’s exit is the result of a creative rift with the show’s producers. Warner left the show after its first season with a disappointing rating performance. Despite Warner’s talent, producers wanted to restructure the show before it aired next fall. 

Susan Nielsen cancels ‘Family Law’ 

The CW has announced the cancellation of its hit drama series, Family Law. The show is written and created by Susin Nielsen, an award-winning YA novelist. She will also serve as executive producer. The first season aired on the network in Canada. The series is executive produced by Erin Haskett, Jordy Randall, and Tom Cox. It will also star Sarah Dodd, who recently wrapped shooting on the second season of her critically acclaimed YA novel, The Expanse. 

SBS cancels ‘Family Law’ 

Fans of the Australian television show The Family Law have expressed their disappointment after SBS cancelled the show. The series has had three seasons so far, and it is unclear if it will be back. Benjamin Law created the show and is the show’s creator. The show premiered on SBS on January 14, 2016, and is currently airing Thursdays at 20:30. The series is based on Benjamin Law’s memoir. 

Jewel Staite stars in the third season of ‘Family Law’ 

In Family Law, dysfunctional family members reluctantly work together in their father’s law firm to help other dysfunctional families. Jewel Staite, who plays lawyer Jewel, stars as a dysfunctional mother who wants to change her family’s ways. The series has earned many fans since it premiered in 2007.