Hiring a family law attorney to represent you in court can have several benefits. An attorney with extensive experience in criminal defense and family law can advance a case through avenues that other attorneys may not be familiar with. Additionally, an attorney specializing in these areas can help you find a new perspective on a challenging situation. In this article, you will learn the advantages of using a family law attorney in your criminal defense case.

Having a family law attorney represent you as a criminal defense attorney

Having a family law attorney represent you in a criminal case can be beneficial for many reasons. While family law and criminal law can often overlap, they are not always mutually exclusive. Some examples include: Participating in a divorce or custody case while an incarcerated defendant is still an active participant in the proceedings. Another example is self-help by litigants who may be unaware that they are engaging in conflicting criminal and civil orders.

Having a family lawyer draft a will

A family lawyer is a person who specializes in family law. They help families navigate through constitutional crises. They also represent clients in business transactions, real estate acquisitions, and other legal matters. Whether you’re preparing a will or need to negotiate an estate settlement, family lawyers are able to advise you on the best course of action. They can also review your will and other legal documents to ensure that you don’t break any laws during your lifetime. While drafting a will, most heads of families trust their family lawyer with this important task.

Drafting a prenuptial agreement

While it might seem like an afterthought, drafting a prenuptial agreement will protect your individual assets in case of a divorce. A family law attorney can help you draft an agreement that is both legally binding and will protect your assets. The family law attorney can also help you determine if your agreement is valid and what will happen if you and your spouse disagree.


It is often beneficial to hire a divorce and family law attorney to represent your interests in either court. A divorce lawyer can help you navigate the legal process, especially if your divorce involves allegations of domestic abuse. They will represent you during the trial, and they may even be able to file criminal charges against the attacker. A divorce and criminal law attorney can also aggressively pursue your divorce, institute restraining orders, and protect your parental rights.

Juvenile delinquency

Hiring an experienced family law attorney is an excellent idea when facing a criminal case involving your child. Having the right attorney to defend you can make the difference between a life of freedom and a lifetime of regret. The attorneys at The Fishman Firm, LLC, in Philadelphia, PA, will aggressively defend your rights. Brian M. Fishman has experience representing juveniles in delinquency court and understands the complexities of this system.

Divorce without going to court

If you want to avoid the costs of litigation and time spent in court, you may want to consider a collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce involves informal meetings and flexible decisions to resolve the issues between the couple. Similar to mediation, collaborative divorce uses a neutral attorney to represent you and your spouse. However, the mediator has little real power during the divorce. In New York, either spouse can initiate the action for separation.

Divorce with a criminal allegation

Divorce lawyers specialize in family law cases, but some situations call for a criminal defense attorney. The right lawyer can aggressively pursue your divorce case, file a restraining order against the alleged attacker, and defend your interests in court. This type of legal representation can be crucial for protecting your future and your children. A criminal defense attorney is experienced in handling such cases.

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