How to Find a Good Family Law Attorney 

There are several things to look for when you are looking for a family law attorney. The most important traits of a good family attorney are Objectivity, Experience, and Communication Skills. If you are in the process of divorce or are looking for representation in a child custody case, these qualities can be invaluable. Listed below are some of the traits of a good family law attorney. Keep in mind that experience is not the only important trait, but these qualities are critical in determining the quality of representation you will receive.

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The Managing Director of the Family Law Company, Norman Hartnell, created a table titled ‘The Child’s Best Interest’. The goal of this table is to remind parents to consider their child’s best interests, not their own. An objective parent focuses on the present and future, while a subjective parent focuses on the past. By ensuring objectivity and avoiding the pitfalls of the past, the Managing Director of the Family Law Company has helped many couples to avoid the costly pitfalls of divorce. 

Communication skills 

A good family law attorney should possess excellent communication skills. This skill is particularly important when addressing difficult situations and resolving conflict. He or she should be able to balance empathy and objectivity, which is a delicate balance to achieve in family law cases. A good family lawyer should be able to work with compassion and detachment and present creative solutions while avoiding emotions that might influence the outcome. 

Communication skills of a good family law attorney 

Effective communication is the hallmark of a successful family law practice, whether in a courtroom or on the sidelines. Good communication skills allow legal professionals to effectively advocate for their clients and make persuasive arguments. A good family law attorney has a solid grasp of legal terminology and English grammar, as well as the ability to speak clearly and confidently. They also have excellent writing skills, as good communication skills are vital in this field. While lawyers often see their job as simply getting to a point, family law attorneys must be skilled at gathering facts, forming opinions, and presenting arguments to their clients. An attorney must have a good understanding of client’s emotional needs and be able to relate to them to offer the best advice and help them reach a successful outcome. 


A good family law attorney should have at least three years of experience. He should also have the ability to argue, debate, and negotiate. Experience is critical in this field as the family lawyer has to deal with sensitive and personal issues. In addition, he should be adept at staying organized. A good attorney can stay calm and collect information to protect their client’s privacy. Depending on his background and experience, he might be able to negotiate a favorable settlement for his clients. 

Hourly rate 

The hourly rate of a family law attorney depends on the complexity of your case. Many attorneys require a retainer, or down payment, to start the case. This money is typically between $2,500 and $15,000, but may be higher if your divorce is complicated. Once the retainer has been paid, the attorney will take it from the escrow account and bill you as they work. If the case is complex, you may need to replenish the fund periodically.