How to Win Child Custody Mediation 

The best way to win child custody mediation is to be prepared for the meeting and listen carefully to the mediator. It is important not to use mudslinging tactics and always value the children’s opinions. Single parenthood is not easy, especially if you are not financially stable. You may need to make some sacrifices to raise your children and this can be difficult to deal with. Fortunately, there are many ways to win child custody mediation.

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Prepare for child custody mediation 

You may be dreading the day of child custody mediation, but it is possible to prepare. By creating a checklist of issues to discuss, you can go in with confidence and feel prepared to negotiate a fair resolution. The key is to remain calm and present yourself with facts that support your position. Then, practice your speech and your phraseology until it feels natural. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the day of mediation: 

Listen carefully to the mediator 

If you want to win child custody mediation, you must listen carefully to the mediator. Don’t yell, argue, or otherwise make the other parent feel intimidated. This will result in a poor recommendation by the mediator. Also, don’t discuss percentages or timeshares with the other parent. It is better to focus on facts and avoid personal attacks. Listen carefully to the mediator and make sure to prepare a list of facts and documents to support your position. 

Avoid mudslinging 

Avoid mudslinging in child custody negotiation and avoid letting emotions get the better of you in a courtroom. Children are very observant of how their parents interact and can easily pick up on a parent’s negative comments. A stable home environment for the children means a stable job and a happy home life. Avoid talking about the other parent’s past or current behavior, as it will hurt your custody case. 

Value the opinion of children 

It is essential to value the opinions of the children in child custody mediation. It is in their best interests to have a say in the decision, so be sure to seek their advice. It is important not to argue with the other parent, but to present your position factually and logically. For example, if you believe that the other parent is lying, be sure to tell the mediator so. Moreover, be fair to the other parent and don’t disparage them. At the same time, be reasonable and do not compromise on what you want for your children. 

Avoid intimidation 

One of the best ways to win a child custody mediation is to avoid arguing and intimidating the other parent. As a mediator, your job is to keep the child’s best interests in mind. This means that you should present your position factually and logically, rather than using arguments to undermine the other parent. If you think the other parent is lying about a certain fact, tell them immediately, and provide facts to support your claims. Try to avoid insulting or disparaging the other parent, and avoid interrupting the other parent. Doing so will prevent a lot of conflicts.