The Montana Natural History Center in Missoula Montana is one of the premier tourist attractions for visitors to the city. You and your family will be happy to spend the day learning and exploring the inside of the center. If you are looking for a hands-on way to learn more about the Natural History of Montana you will be satisfied by your visit. The goal of the center is to educate visitors about local and visitors to appreciate and protect nature.

The Montana Natural History Center is built on this mission. The Natural History Center was founded in 1991 by a group of educators, the center welcomes nature lovers of all ages, and even offers camps for kids throughout the year. Plan your trip before you arrive by visiting the museum’s website. You can tailor your experience to adults, children, and teachers. There are a variety of programs for locals and tourists to participate in at the center. The exhibits at the museum will take 30-45 minutes for adults to explore.

There is a children’s microscope area, interactive touch tables interspersed throughout the building. The museum also features a hands-on Naturalist Lab, as well as a Kids’ Discovery Room. The museum is a perfect location for a birthday party, special event, or field trip. Whether you are passing through Missoula or live in the area you will want to take advantage of all the natural history museum has to offer.