What My Attorney Will Say If They Don’t Know When the Divorce Papers Will Be Served 

If you are filing for divorce, you may be wondering what your attorney will say if they don’t know when the divorce papers will be served. In this article, we will discuss the importance of getting a divorce petition from a qualified individual, Filing a response to the petition, Getting a hearing date, and Getting copies of everything you file in court. 

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Getting a divorce petition from a qualified individual 

If you’re going through a divorce, you’ll need to make sure that you have grounds for filing. These are reasons that are legally acceptable to the court. Fortunately, many online resources can help you get started with your petition. Listed below are three ways you can ensure that you have the proper documents to file your divorce. If you’re unsure what grounds you need, it’s helpful to contact a divorce attorney for assistance. 

Filing a response to a divorce petition 

In many states, the person who has been served with divorce papers has a limited amount of time to file a response. If the respondent does not respond within that time, he or she loses the right to argue the divorce. Nonetheless, if you were served with divorce papers, you should get organized and know what to do and file. There are many ways to file a response. 

Getting a hearing date 

If your attorney doesn’t know when the divorce papers will be served, you may end up with a hearing date that is a few months too early. A final trial date could be set for six months, eight months, or even ten months after you file for divorce. If you are unhappy with this timeline, you can change it. However, it is important to get a hearing date as soon as possible to protect your interests and avoid any mishaps. 

Getting a copy of everything you file in court 

To get a copy of your court documents, you first need to determine which division of court you are in. If your court does not have an online version of your case file, you can request a paper copy. To get a copy, you must present a government-issued picture identification card. Acceptable identification cards are a California driver’s license, a United States passport, or a federal employee identification card. A credit card or car key is not acceptable identification. 

Finding a process server 

If you need your spouse served with divorce papers, you should consider hiring a process server. Process servers serve legal documents. When you file for divorce, you will be served with a summons, which is a notice telling you to appear in court on a certain date. Most creditors and loan officers will not serve you themselves, instead hiring a process server to do the job. Process servers charge a small fee for their services. 

Filing a response to a temporary order 

If you are facing a divorce, you may be wondering whether you need to file a response to a temporary order. A temporary order is a court order addressing issues like child custody, visitation, or child support. Temporary orders can save you money and stress by allowing you to negotiate on how you will conduct yourself during the pending divorce.