What to Ask For in Mediation Child Custody Cases?

When you are in mediation child custody, you must stay focused on the topic at hand. Stay away from tangents and irrelevant topics. You must also remember that compromise is part of the process. Keep in mind that you are doing this for the benefit of the children. You must also stay calm and maintain your composure. 

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Listening is key to effective mediation 

Active listening is a fundamental skill for mediators. It ensures that participants understand each other’s perspectives, and it builds rapport between them. Lawyers also benefit from active listening, as it allows them to focus on their client’s concerns without being distracted by their views. Often, the lack of active listening causes misunderstandings, which escalate conflict and increase the chances of a negative outcome. 

Getting a written parenting agreement 

If the parents are not able to agree, the best way to resolve their differences is to get a written parenting agreement. A mediator can assist you by helping you to come up with a reasonable plan, which is based on the best interests of your child. Getting a written agreement will allow you to present it to the judge, who can then sign it and make it legally binding. 

Preparing for mediation 

If you’re headed to mediation, there are some things you can do to ensure you have the best possible outcome. It helps to be prepared with some ideas for what you want to discuss in the mediation, as well as a list of the important issues you both want to address. The more prepared you are, the easier the mediation will go. 

Avoiding accusations during mediation 

One of the most important tips in child custody mediation is to avoid making accusations about the other parent. If you have a child custody dispute, you can’t be accused of being selfish if you don’t make your ex aware of it. It can even damage your case! Aside from avoiding accusations during mediation, you should also avoid making casual comments to the other party. For example, refrain from using phrases like “I’m sorry” because these can appear as a confirmation of bad behavior or an excuse for it. Instead, if you need to say something, simply say so without using the phrase. 

Common mistakes parents make during mediation 

Parents must avoid these common mistakes during mediation child custody cases. When emotions are at a high, it is easy to make mistakes that will cost your child and your relationship. These mistakes can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s always best to avoid them. 

Darren Shapiro’s experience mediating child custody cases 

Darren Shapiro has extensive experience mediating child custody and parenting time cases. He has tried cases in New York City and knows the law. If you are in the process of separating, he can be an invaluable resource.