When is Family Law on? 

If you’re looking for a Canadian drama series, check out “When is Family Law on?” The Canadian drama series focuses on themes of family, alcoholism, and finding yourself again after an embarrassing mistake. The series’ cast features a range of fascinating characters, from a charismatic divorce lawyer to a reformed alcoholic. Find out when Family Law is on and start watching today! We’re sure you’ll enjoy it!

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Abigail Svensson (Jewel Staite) is a lawyer 

When a client’s case is turned down, Abigail must decide whether to quit her law practice and become a bartender or join her estranged father’s law firm. As her estranged father, Victor Garber (Harry Svensson), she has one option to get back to work: to work alongside her estranged father. But her father, who threatens to disbar her if she does anything wrong, has a long list of conditions for her new job. Moreover, she will be working with her half-siblings, which is not exactly a comfortable situation. 

She represents Crystal Svensson in her divorce settlement 

Abigail is a starving artist who was part of a polyamorous relationship with conservative political commentator Crystal Steele. She is unhappy about her polyamorous relationship with Steele and is determined to bring him back. Abigail’s relationship with Harry is troubled after Harry proposes to join Svensson Associates. Harry rejects the offer, and Abigail confronts Lucy about Asha. When the office of Svensson Associates is attacked by followers of Crystal Steele, Abigail stays at her mother’s house and sleeps with her. 

She works with her estranged father 

The CW continues to expand its slate with new acquisitions, including Canadian drama Family Law. The one-hour drama is created and written by Susin Nielsen and stars Jewel Staite from Firefly and Emmy-nominated Victor Garber from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Genelle Williams, from The Expanse, and Zach Smadu from Cardinal will also star. 

She’s a recovering alcoholic 

When is family law on for a recovering alcoholic? is a common question in custody and divorce proceedings. The good news is that alcoholism is treatable and can even help to prevent custody disputes. Treatment programs, however, can present unique challenges. Effective treatment programs are not “one-size-fits-all,” but are tailored to fit the specific needs of each individual. Starting with medical and psychiatric screening, each phase of recovery should be carefully planned with a corresponding amount of resources. 

She’s a lawyer 

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